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Refacing Cabinets To Get More From Renovations And A New Look For Your Home

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The cabinetry in your home is one of the major changes that you may be planning for renovations. Therefore, you may want to consider saving the cabinets. This can be done with refacing and minor changes to the layout. The following cabinet refacing ideas will help with your renovations to give your home a new look:

Removing the Old Doors and Draws for Refacing—The materials on the face of cabinets will all need to be removed when the refacing begins. The materials that need to be removed from the cabinet units for your refacing project include:

  • Removing the cabinet doors and drawers
  • Disassembling cabinet door hinges and other hardware
  • Removing the countertops if they are also being replaced
  • Removing the shelves inside cabinets to be refinished

These materials need to be removed when you are preparing to reface the cabinetry in your home. Removing these materials will make it easier to visualize what the cabinets will look like when the work is completed.

Deciding on Changes to the Existing Cabinet Layout—When you install new cabinets, you will plan a completely new layout for the new cabinetry. This can also be done for the existing cabinets that you are planning on refacing. You may want to delete, remove or add cabinet units to the layout of your kitchen when work is being done.

Choosing Finishes for the Cabinet Units—There are a lot of options for finishes that can be used to reface the cabinets in your home. Therefore, you will want to consider some of the following cabinet refacing finishes for your project:

  • New wood veneer finishes
  • Synthetic water-resistant cabinet veneers
  • Semi-gloss paints and stains to reface cabinets

These are the finish options that you will want to consider for the refacing of cabinets for your home renovations. You can talk to the cabinet refacing service about using these different refacing finishes in combinations for a unique custom look.

Complete the Refacing with Hardware and Countertops—The last step of cabinet refacing will be to install the new hardware that will complete the new cabinet design. In addition to installing the new hardware, new countertops can also be installed to give your cabinetry a completely new design and look.

These cabinet refacing and layout ideas will help you change the look of your home with a new cabinet design. If you need new cabinets, contact a cabinet refacing service to save the cabinetry you already have in your home.